Block Clearing

Clearing a block of land requires a combination of services to ensure your land is ready to be built on. Working with both residential and commercial clients, our team can help you ensure your land is clear before construction begins. Our experienced team has the right knowledge to clear the block of land of trees and other unwanted plant growth.

Why is Block Clearing Important?

Before construction of a new building, pool, or other infrastructure, the site needs to be cleared of any plant debris that can get in the way. Without proper removal, sites can be left with challenging issues throughout the construction. Here at C&S Tree Services, our team can provide the following to have your block cleared.

  • Tree Removal
  • Removal of Tree Stumps
  • Tree Wood Chipping
  • Trimming of trees not in affected areas

Tree Removal

Most of the time trees are an asset to your property. They provide shade, privacy, and street appeal. However, trees can become an issue that can cause an impact on your property. Here at C&S Tree services, we personally meet with you to discuss your worries and issues with trees on your property.

Tree removal or cutting can have severe impacts on buildings and surrounding properties if ignored. They can have a high impact in urban areas including buildings, civilians, and cars.

Trimming of Trees

Healthy trees can even become a hassle to maintain. They can change shape and grow out over time, with a higher risk of impact in urban environments. Trees that are not maintained can become a risk to your home, approaching powerlines, neighbours’ property, or even become an eye saw.

Our team of professional tree surgeons at C&S Tree Services can identify which trees and branches are impacting your property and remove them safely.

Removal of Tree Stump

Tree removal does not end with the cutting of the tree. Tree stumps are unsightly and hazardous, causing long term impacts on your property. Removing them yourself can be difficult and time consuming. Our team at C&S Tree Services are experienced professionals in removing tree stumps and have the machinery to do it! By shredding up the base of the tree and its roots into wood shavings, it will leave your property tidy and safe. Plus, you can use the shaving for your garden – the worms love it! Our team can remove stumps in any location, from industrialised properties to tricky spots in your backyard. Don’t risk your own safety or your property, our team of professionals will ensure the job is done first time round.

Tree Wood Chipping

Tree chipping is the process of reducing tree stumps and branches into wood chips through especially designed machinery. As an environmentally sound practise, this is an easy way to repurpose on-site trees after they have been removed. The wood chips can be repurposed for your garden – the worms love it! Mulching is an organic, eco-friendly, and inexpensive way of improving the quality and condition of your soil. As an additional service, by choosing to have your trees and branches mulched can lead to a range of positive effects on your garden.

Why C&S Tree Services?

C&S Tree Services understands the challenges of land development and ensuring your site is ready for construction, for both residential and commercial sectors.

That is why our team provide cost-effective and prompt block clearing services to ensure your project can get underway as soon as possible.

Need Professional Tree Removal Services in Nowra?

C&S Tree Services provides safe, effective tree removal, tree pruning
and stump removal for residential & commercial clients in the Shoalhaven.