Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my tree is safe or if I need it removed?
The structural integrity of the tree is determined by many factors including disease, tree rot, pests, dead wood and ground stability. Our team can inspect the tree and let you know if it is safe to leave as it is.
How can I reduce the size of the tree without hurting it?
Common practices include formative pruning, weight reduction, crown lifting and pollarding.
Will my gardens be damaged when you remove the tree?
Our highly qualified staff use rigging to bring down the debris in a safe & controlled manner. We also are trained for Elevated Work Platform (EWP) operations where we can safely lower smaller branches of the tree as they are cut down.
How do you remove the waste?
Most of the small debris goes through a wood chipper onsite and can either be taken away by us or left onsite for you. Logs can be chopped into your desired lengths and left onsite for you, or we can take them with us.
How do you get rid of the tree stump?
Stumps can either be ground away using a stump grinder or we can pull them out with an excavator.

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