How To Help Waterlogged Trees In The Shoalhaven

The Autumn storms and floods have not been kind to our trees. Too much water can cause a tree’s roots to rot, which in turn causes it to die from lack of nutrients or disease-causing organisms, such as the fungus. With heavy rainfall occurring at points throughout the year Shoalhaven trees are particularly vulnerable to this root damage.

The high downfall of rain has caused flooding for many areas across the Shoalhaven area. The rapidly moving floods have been affecting planned communities often damaging property — trees are suffering severe damage too!

Flooding can do a lot of damage to trees. Learn what signs indicate that your tree has been impacted by recent waterlogging so you will know if the tree is at risk of rotting and collapsing. 



What Signs Should I Look Out For?


Even if your property has not been flooded, trees can still be waterlogged from the excess rain the Shoalhaven council has been receiving. Some signs and symptoms your tree has been waterlogged include:

  • Leaves turning yellow or brown at the edges
  • Bright green leaves are brittle and break easily
  • Wilting or drooping leaves
  • If the soil is drenched, not moist and cool (around 15cm down)
  • The bottom of the tree is always wet
  • No evidence of new growth
  • Fungus and mushrooms growing around base of the tree
  • Root rot
  • Soil is muddy around the tree

What Should I Do If My Tree Is Waterlogged?


There are ways of recovering waterlogged trees to ensure they survive and thrive. However, in such harsh conditions like Shoalhaven has been experiencing, there is a great risk that the tree is dead and rotting on the inside. This can increase the risk of trees collapsing, falling onto your house, car, around surrounding property.

To ensure the safety of your family and property, it is essential to have the tree inspected by a local Arborist to determine if the tree needs to be removed.


Shoalhaven Tree Removal Services

C&S Tree Services always puts safety first – both our own and yours. Our team will determine if your tree is at risk of affecting your property through a visual consultation, and if necessary, safely remove the problematic tree.

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