Stump Grinding

Tree removal does not just end with the cutting on the tree. Tree stumps are unsightly and hazardous, causing long term impacts on your property. Removing them yourself can be difficult and time consuming. Our team at C&S Tree Services are experienced professionals in stump grinding and have the machinery to do it! By shredding up the base of the tree and its roots into wood shavings, it will leave your property tidy and safe. Plus, you can use the shaving for your garden – the worms love it! Our team can remove stumps in any location, from industrialised properties to tricky spots in your backyard. Don’t risk your own safety or your property, our team of professionals will ensure the job is done first time round.

Why is Stump Grinding important?

Removing the stump of a tree is important for both safety and visual aspects of your property. They can have an impact on both residential and commercial properties. These are some of the reasons you might need to stump grinding to remove a pesky stump from your home:

  • Infested with termites
  • Affects the landscape
  • Roots can impact on driveway and property
  • Tripping hazard
  • Occupying space for new infrastructure
  • Unsightly appearance

Why C&S Tree Services?

Tree stumps come in all shapes, sizes, and issues. Our experienced and professional team offer affordable and effective tree grinding services that will remove the trees for good.

With over 15 years’ experience in tree services, our team will ensure a safe procedure is followed for ourselves, your own safety, and your property.

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