Tree Removal & Cutting

Why Is Tree Removal & Cutting Important?

Trees can have a high impact in urban areas and can affect buildings, people and cars. Tree removal might be required in a range of reasons, including:

  • The tree has died
  • Disease and bug infested
  • Occupying space for new infrastructure
  • Causing an impact on driveways and buildings
  • Fire hazard
  • Risk of falling

Impacting on both residential and commercial properties, our team at C&S Tree Services will ensure we remove the tree safely to reduce any risks of the tree impacting you.

Tree Removal and Cutting - C&S Tree Services
Tree Removal and Cutting - C&S Tree Services

The Tree Has Died

A dead tree can be identified with bark that is flaking, falling off, or cracks in the trunk. Other signs to identify a dead tree can include unhealthy and damaged looking foliage. It is important you act quickly and safely with the removal of a dead tree as it can have risks for you and your property.

Some of these threats can include injury to you, your family, your neighbours, and even the general public. Dead trees risk falling over time, which can fall upon your house, vehicle, and garage which may not always be covered by insurance. If you are worried about the impacts of a dead tree, give our team a call for a free consultation.

Fire Hazard

Every household should identify any fire hazards to their property prior to the beginning of summer. Hazardous trees can be a leading cause in issues relating to fire, which can cause severe impact on your property and family. Considering future maintenance to your property is an important fire safety step every household should take. If your property has trees that are a fire hazard, give our team a call to arrange a free consultation.

Tree Removal and Cutting - C&S Tree Services

Risk of Falling

Falling trees can become a hazard to not only your family, but can also have an impact on your property. Falling trees can cause major damage to your personal assets, including house, vehicles, or garage, costing tens of thousands to repair. Trees that are at risk of falling should be examined and removed before any further damage can be done. Our team can help you identify and remove any trees that have a risk of falling, give us a call today.

Tree Removal and Cutting - C&S Tree Services

Why C&S Tree Services

Safety Comes First

Our family run business of tree surgeons understands that safety comes first.

Reduce Risks

We ensure that all our services are conducted to reduce any risk of impacting you and your property.

Free Consultation

Offering a free site visit and consultation, we can tailor a plan to have any trees removed.

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