Tree Removal Service For Invasive Vines

All of us have come across a property that has wild vines growing all over the place and trees surrounding the home, but did you know these vines could be killing the trees and creating a hazard that could seriously injure you, your family, neighbours or cause significant property damage. In this blog, we will be discussing the effects of invasive vines, how to identify if there could be vines causing problems on your property as well as advice on how our tree removal services can help you.

The Effects of Invasive Vines

Intrusive vines are a form of invasive species that are introduced into an ecosystem and affect surrounding flora. Such vines can strangle your tree and kill it, which becomes a hazard on your property.

You never know which way these trees can fall which means the damaged tree is a hazard to not only you and your home but your neighbours and their homes. The removal of a tree can be sometimes the only option to reduce the risk of falling trees.

Identifying If You Need Tree Removal Service

Intrusive vines do not always appear as weedy or unsightly, quite often they are imported from other countries due to their perceived beauty and their ability to grow quickly. However, they can become dangerous and affect trees growing in the same area. The fast-growing plants can climb surrounding trees and start to strangle the trunk and branches. Unfortunately, if not caught early, your local arborist will have to provide a tree removal service to keep your family and property safe.


The best way to identify if a vine is becoming invasive is by asking your local arborist. The team of experts can quickly identify if the invasive vine is affecting nearby trees and increasing the risk of the trees nearby dying. C&S Tree Services are your local experts who are trained to identify invasive species and provide tree removal services.

How Our Tree Removal Services Can Help?

Our team understands the importance of protecting your home and the homes that are around you. Using the latest equipment and our 15+ years of experience, our tree removal service can easily remove trees that put your home at risk before there is any damage done.

If you have intrusive vines or unsafe trees, call in the experts to come in and take a look at the problem. Click on the button below or fill in the form on our contact us page and we’ll get in touch with you.