Tree Services Kangaroo Valley

C&S Tree Services takes great pride in being a part of the Kangaroo Valley community. We take great pleasure in maintaining its natural splendor by addressing hazardous trees which pose risks or could potentially cause damage, while at the same time providing top-quality professional services when necessary. Our commitment is providing superior tree services which improve both safety and charm on property; thanks to 15 years of experience we guarantee excellent results for both commercial clients and residents of Kangaroo Valley and its surrounds.

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Tree Removal Services

Kangaroo Valley Residents

Numerous circumstances can necessitate the removal of certain trees from your premises. Most often this arises when dealing with deceased, compromised, or diseased trees that present potential safety threats and threaten nearby residences’ integrity. Our team of experts specialise in safely extracting such trees while safeguarding property interests across Kangaroo Valley.

Tree Pruning

In The Kangaroo Valley Area

Kangaroo Valley boasts many beautiful, lush trees that should be cared for properly. Regular pruning services will not only protect these trees’ health but also reduce potential property and home damages caused by them. C&S Tree Services have proudly offered tree pruning services in this community for over 15 years – giving residents plenty of reasons to call us first for all their tree needs!

Tree Lopping

Kangaroo Valley Community

Tree lopping involves the process of cutting away dangerous or damaged sections from trees in order to keep them clear of buildings, pathways and powerlines. We know the Kangaroo Valley can often present these hazards that require our team’s removal for residents’ safety – our team ensures any hazards are removed safely for you and your property.

Tree Trimming

Kangaroo Valley Properties

Enhance the curb appeal of your property with our professional tree trimming experts who specialise in making properties across Kangaroo Valley look neat and tidy using tree trimming services from C&S Tree Services.

Block Clearing

Residential and Commerical Clients in Kangaroo Valley

Residential and commercial clients in Kangaroo Valley often require block clearing before construction of projects can commence, or just to keep their properties neat and tidy. C&S Tree Services of Kangaroo Valley offer comprehensive block clearing services including tree removal, stump removal, root removal and wood-chipping to meet their clients’ needs.

 Does C&S Tree Services cover the entire Kangaroo Valley Area?

C&S Tree Services offers efficient, effective and affordable tree care and maintenance to residents across the Kangaroo Valley. Our range of tree services include:

  • Tree Removal & Cutting
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Chipping and Mulching
  • Block Clearing


How long will it take for C&S Tree Services to service my trees?

C&S Tree Services is the go-to place for people who want a safe and efficient tree service experience. We take our time during planning, making sure that when you come in contact with the C&S Tree Services team, they’ll be able to provide excellent customer care as well! We try to ensure all our initial inspection appointments are scheduled within 24 hours of request so it doesn’t leave any room for hassle or uncertainty about what will happen next.

What Services does C&S Tree Services Offer in the Bay and Basin?

C&S Tree Services is here to serve the Bay and Basin! They offer a variety of services that are sure to meet your needs. These services include, but are not limited to:


  • Tree Pruning for Huskisson, Vincentia, Woollamia and Falls Creek
  • Tree Cutting for Huskisson, Vincentia, Woollamia and Falls Creek
  • Tree Removal for Huskisson, Vincentia, Woollamia and Falls Creek
  • Tree Lopping for Huskisson, Vincentia, Woollamia and Falls Creek
  • Tree Trimming for Huskisson, Vincentia, Woollamia and Falls Creek
  • Tree Stump Grinding for Huskisson, Vincentia, Woollamia and Falls Creek

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