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C&S Tree Services is an experienced tree removal company in Nowra. We provide our tree services to all areas of the Shoalhaven including Berry, Gerroa, Sussex Inlet, Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin.

Free site visits and quotes available for both residential and commercial clients.

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Tree Removal & Cutting

Most of the time trees are an asset, providing shade, privacy and street appeal. However, trees can also become problematic when they contract a disease or their roots threaten the foundations of your home.

Disease is the most common reason our clients need our tree removal services. If the diseased tree cannot be treated, it will need to be removed before it causes further problems. Many tree diseases are contagious and can quickly spread to other trees, while others cause the tree to become weak and hazardous.

C&S Tree Services will assess whether your trees are suitable for removal and provide a free cost estimate.

Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning

Trees grow and change shape over time. In urban environments, this means trees can become hazardous as they approach power lines or encroach on a neighbour’s property. Sometimes low-hanging branches become an eyesore or at risk of falling on your home. Tree trimming will remove and reduce the problem areas and improve the overall health of your tree.

As professional tree surgeons, the team at C&S Tree Services is able to identify which branches need to be removed and safely trim them to ensure your tree remains healthy and attractive. Our tree pruning services are available to both residential and commercial clients.

Stump Grinding

Tree removal doesn’t end with the cutting down of a tree. Although the remaining tree stump may seem harmless, and might not be visible above the ground, it can cause problems in the long term. Not only do tree stumps make attractive homes for a range of pests including termites and ants, but they can get in the way of future construction projects, resulting in delays and additional costs.

Stump grinding is the most effective form of tree stump removal and ensures that there will be no future regrowth, infestation or obstruction. C&S Tree Services will completely remove any trace of the tree stump with our stump grinding services and fill the empty space for an attractive finish.

Tree Chipping & Mulching

Tree chipping is the process of reducing tree stumps and branches to wood chips in a especially designed machine. This environmentally sound practice is a quick and easy way for trees to be repurposed on-site after tree removal has been performed. The wood chips are then repurposed as decorative material for gardens or used as mulch.

Mulch is commonly distributed around trees, shrubs and garden beds, either in their natural state or dyed to suit the colour scheme of your garden. Mulching has many benefits including keeping moisture in the soil, reducing weed growth, increasing nutrient content and improving the soil structure.

Block Clearing

Land clearing is required by both residential and commercial clients before a construction project can begin. Block clearing involves a combination of all our services to ensure the block of land is ready to build on. These include:

  • Tree Removal
  • Complete tree stump removal and root removal (stump grinding)
  • Tree Woodchipping

C&S Tree Services understands the challenges of land development, so we provide prompt, cost-effective block clearing services to ensure your project can get underway as soon as possible.

Cherry Picker For Tree Cutting

Using a cherry picker for tree removal is often required for large trees. C&S Tree Services offers a cherry picker for hire with one of our experienced operators in control.

We will firstly conduct a full safety assessment before preparing the site for work to commence. The cherry picker will be used to access the tallest branches and remove them using either a chainsaw or pole pruner.

Tree trimming with a cherry picker is a specialist job and should only be conducted by an experienced tree removal company like C&S Tree Services. We are fully insured with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

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C&S Tree Services provides safe, effective tree removal, tree pruning
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