Tree Chipping and Mulching

What is Tree Chipping?

Tree chipping is the process of breaking down tree stumps and branches into wood chips using especially-designed machinery. The process is fast, efficient, and can be done on-site. It is an easy way to recycle and reuse unwanted trees and branches that have been removed from a property by converting them into woodchips. The woodchips can be repurposed for your garden–the worms love it!

Why is Tree Chipping and Mulching important?

Mulching is an organic, eco-friendly, and inexpensive way of improving the quality and condition of your soil. As an additional service, by choosing to have your trees and branches mulched can lead to a range of positive effects on your garden. These can include some of the following:

● Reduce waste through repurposing the mulch
● Suppress the growth of weeds
● Retain moisture in garden bed
● Promote plant growth
● Improve the appearance of your garden

You can lay your repurposed mulch around trees, shrubs, and garden beds to enhance the appearance of your garden in both residential and commercial sectors to produce a tidy garden.

Why C&S Tree Services?

Utilising the latest equipment, our team here at C&S Tree Services can remove most of the debris from your tree removal or trimming to be used in your garden.

Serving the Shoalhaven, we offer competitive prices at affordable rates.

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